NASA EDGE Presents 2009 Mission Madness

March 13, 2009--What fun is March Madness if you can only play basketball on Earth? Travel into space and beyond with NASA EDGE’s Mission Madness to vote for your favorite NASA mission.

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Beginning Thursday, March 19th, participants will be able to begin voting. Voters can get started now by clicking here to view the lineup of 64 NASA missions, learn about mission goals, and predict which missions their fellow fans will vote for during this single elimination round.

Participants will be able to
 vote for their favorite missions as many times as they like while
 polls are open, with the very first Mission Madness Championship
 Winner determined on April 8th, 2009.

Voting for the first round features 32 predetermined mission matchups. Each round consists of two days of online voting with the winning missions advancing in head to head competition.

How to Play

Print out your Mission Madness bracket here and make your predictions as you learn about the missions. You can print out as many brackets as you like to evaluate endless winning scenarios.

Second, return to the website and vote for your favorite missions 
during each round. You are allowed to vote for your favorite missions as many times as you like, so be sure to support your favorite 
missions to help them advance deep into the tournament. As voting is
 completed for each round, the winning missions advance allowing you to
 see how your predictions compare to all of the voters.

Key Dates:

March 9-18: Brackets available on the web site with the
 head to head line-ups for each region.

March 19-20: Round 1 Voting

March 23-24: Round 2 Voting

March 26-27: Sweet Sixteen Voting

March 30-31: Quarter Final Round Voting

April 2-3: Semi Final Round Voting
April 5-6: Final Round Voting

April 7: NASA EDGE names 2009 Mission Madness Winning Mission

Mission Madness Selection Show

After applying a series of both computer formulas and human metrics to 
the vast body of NASA Missions, NASA EDGE hosts Chris, Blair and Franklin will reveal the 
opening round lineup of 64 competing missions for the 2009 Mission 
Madness Tournament. Sixteen individual missions competing in each of 
the four divisions (Nebula, Stellar, Galaxy and Horizon) provide key
 matchups between missions past, present and future.

NASA EDGE is joined by three prominent Mission Madness Analysts. Miles
 O’Brien (former CNN Reporter), Melvin Ferebee (NASA Langley) and Keith
 Cowing (NASA WATCH) will give their unique take on the how early rounds
 will shake out and which missions will remain competitive deep into
 the tournament. Further analysis is provided by NASA EDGE Facebook 

The true final four will not be revealed until April 4th, 
but Chris, Blair and Franklin share their predictions for which 
missions they think will compete to be the 2009 Mission Madness

Until April 8th, it's up to you! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite: NASA’s Phoenix Mars Mission!