Carla Bitter

Education and Public Outreach Manager
University of Arizona

Carla Bitter

Carla Bitter is the Mission's Education & Public Outreach Manager.

She shares her excitement for the science and engineering aspects of the Phoenix Mission with school groups, teachers, museums, and the public all over America (including captive audiences on air craft and in elevators).

Carla and the EPO team work with Mars Education partners to present a variety of formal and informal education activities and programs to help the public understand why we humans think its a great idea to get ourselves to the Red Planet! Carla has an MLFSC in Biology from the University of Maryland, College Park and a BA in Anthropology from West Virginia University. Before joining the Mission, Carla spent most of the past decade working as an educator in science museums and zoos, slogging through muck as a field archaeologist, and touting the importance of water sustainability here on earth for the National Science Foundation.

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