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ORT Madness

by Andy Shaner

December 06, 2007 -

So this week we are conducting Operational Readiness Test 7 here at the SOC. I have decided to pay more attention to this ORT than I have to past ORTs and am learning so much. Without going into too much detail, this ORT is simulating what will happen on the day when Phoenix lands and the few days following. We have had some anomolies to work through but the whole process has been a wonderful learning experience. Even though the ORT is a simulation of what could be the situation come May 25, 2008, it feels very real. It almost feels like being on the set of a movie. Everyone knows it is a simulation, but the science and engineering teams treat the experience as if it is real and gives the whole atmosphere in the building a since of authenticity. It makes me very excited for operations next summer.