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Gulp...6 days and counting

by Deborah Bass

May 19, 2008 - I'm back in Tucson, this time for the real thing!

I can't really believe it--I've been working to get ready for this mission for 4 years, and it is now 6 days away!

In the airport yesterday, I got really excited, anxious and even a little teary-eyed.  The anticipation, long long hours and hard work is about to come together.  This is really IT. No more practice, no more planning--whatever happens, it will be the real thing.

My hands are shaking as I write this.  I think it is probably like any big event in one's life--somehow it feels akin to a sporting event  to me--all the training and preparation and it comes down to the one match, the one race, the one competition.   I usually don't like sports metaphors, because I don't like the inherent masculine bias... but this one feels right somehow.  

Maybe I could relate it to a public lecture. But there is less inherent training related to that.  Okay how about an instrument recital.  That has a similar kind of preparation, anticipation and single event finality.  But it is the sports win or lose that seems to make sense here.  

At any rate, this week feels a bit surreal.  I'm here, and we're cleaning up last minute items that would be good to get done but for the most part, it is "polishing an already round cannonball."  We're ready.  Whatever happens, we're ready.

We just need to do something to keep the nerves from getting the best of us.  

I'm going to take a Tums.