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5 years down, 5 days to go.

by Patrick Woida

May 20, 2008 -
With only 5 days to go, the team is electrified with excitement. I can't sit at the table for breakfast without my thoughts being consumed by being able to start our mission to explore Mars this weekend. My youngest is laughing as I stare off into space, literally. It's at the point where "Mars Fever" is sweeping the town. Today people all around town, from the waitress in the cafe - to the guy behind the counter at 7-11, are stopping to talk about how thrilled they are about "our" mission and asking how Phoenix is doing.

This weekend’s course correction was outstanding. Things have gone well enough to skip the previous correction (no need to fix what's not broken). 

There will be a PBS special on the mission Thurs May 22nd

and live coverage on the Discovery Science Channel Sunday for Entry Decent and Landing.
http://www.marsdaily.com/reports/Science Channel To Broadcast Red_Planet Landing Live May 25 999

.. so you can be part of our adventure.

I’m starting to shift my schedule to “Mars Time” the transition to a 24.6 hour day. Each daywill end ~40 minutes later each day on Earth. So I need to stay up and extra 40 minutes and start work roughly 40 minutes later the next days as well. I am supposed to be taking a nap right now, but am so exhilarated there’s no hope! Locally we had a very nice article on the mission, a nice highlight of what it’s like to be one part of such on astonishing team of extraordinary and passionate people. Time to just wrap up this blog and head into Science Operations.

Sunday can’t arrive too soon!