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It's only hours now.....

by Patrick Woida

May 24, 2008 -
It's 24 hours until I expect my first image, if everything goes right :-)
Only a few hours less until we land, only 22 hours more to wait.

We are going straight in, no more course corrections, no more debate.

The Phoenix has changed it's mode from "cruise" where it's been since launch,
to "EDL" for Entry, Descent, and Landing. The Phoenix and her team are committed.
The dust is clearing and Mars awaits our arrival.

For my own part, I am excited, but unafraid. This evening I'm asking around howclose to the center of the bull’s-eye of the landing ellipse people think we'll
"gracefully descend" to. Not if, where!

The people of real courage are of course those who started this day in December of 1999. Who bounced back and are here tonight, happy and optimistic. A chance for them for closure AND a new beginning. It's hard not to have a swell of deep respect for these veterans. The confidence is not unfounded. There has been an extraordinary effort by a small team of brilliant and
passionate people.

So check back tomorrow night to see what destiny we've met.
There was a nice quote from tonight’s meeting:
"Today we have our chance to place our tile in the halls of history"