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The butterflies are here

by Keri Bean

May 24, 2008 -

It's a few hours away from landing and the excitement is growing. Over the past week, the center's been polishing up a few last things, but otherwise everyone is ready to go. The anticipation and wait is nearly over! I think my stomach is in the Olympics right now with its tumbling around.

Last night I volunteered at a Mars party and loved seeing the excitement in all ages. The gasp from the younger kids as they look into a telescope and see Mars, Saturn, and even other galaxies as they realize they can see these things with their own eyes is fulfulling. I loved answering questions and getting to know more Mars fanatics and even other Aggies out here, a thousand miles away from home.

I can't wait to be editing my first images from Mars tonight. I can guarantee it'll be more special than editing test images. :)