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Beyond Perfection - The Phoenix Has Landed

by Patrick Woida

May 26, 2008 -
I may be an optimist, but it was no match for the reality that Phoenix
delivered for us today. She had a picture perfect landing, and followed through
with terrific images. First and most important was the solar panels being successfully deployed.
With a sun powered spacecraft, this was essential to know right away. Of course the footpad is the one I've been waiting for. I was very inspired back in high school seeing the Viking footpad on Mars, and today I was able to see one as a product of our team's effort. In the end we run a "post card" shots, get as many images as we can of the area around the lander before she goes to sleep. We expect to get 4 of them, in practice the best we ever did was 6, today we got 7.

After a story book launch, the graceful landing was all the luck I was expecting. To link up tonight and have all these wonderful pictures available first day was more anyone could ask for in real life!.

Get out those red/blue 3-D glasses!  As I said in my first blog: "Welcome to Mars."