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Post-landing emotions

by Deborah Bass

May 28, 2008 - Going to keep this one short...

I'm just now emerging from the haze and work that has been the past 3 days (nights) of work. I cannot believe it has been such a short time since landing.  It has been a blur of intense time trying to figure out what is happening with the lander as well as managing team/account/building/process issues.

But really amazing!!

The landing day itself was a mix of anxiety and relief and overwhelming emotion.  I  know I am not alone when I say how thrilled I was to hear that things went flawlessly...

I am so proud of and grateful to the team that got us to the surface of Mars safely. Their hard work truly paid off.

Then when we got even more pictures that first return of data than we've ever done in our dress rehearsals--wow that just brought the tears back once again!

Tucson is heating up, even as things are cold on Mars! :-)