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First Images Posters

by Jacob Egan

May 29, 2008 -

Ever since Phoenix landed on Mars I feel like our entire Public Affairs/Education and Public Outreach team has put in a tremendous effort to raise public awareness about the Phoenix Mission.  As a result, the influx of congratulations, questions and ideas has been tremendous.

Today, we were able to finalize our First Images Posters (i.e. posters containing the first images Phoenix returned from the surface). The idea of creating "postcards from Mars" had always been tossed around and I took it somewhat literally when coming up with a poster design.  Be sure to check out our new Gallery sections: First Images Posters and Postcards From Mars as we will be updating them with images you can print out for yourself.

I should point out that none of the fantastic images we recieve would be possible without the tireless effort of our science team. It is actually somewhat ironic because currently, since they are running on the Martian sol, we rarely see them. They usual start about the time we leave...but don't worry, give it a few more sols and we'll all be working together again.