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Crossing the Interplanetary Dateline

by Patrick Woida

June 12, 2008 -
Well those of us on Phoenix are crossing into the twilight zone :-)

We've reached a point where are shifts are 12 hours later than we started,
and the gap between Earth and Mars has grown. Where only 18 sols
have passed on Mars, 19 days have passed on Earth.

Looking at the calender I realize our schedules have become a bit skewed.
Add to that we're at the point where our shifts start between 3 - 4am.
It is the point where it's hard to decide what's best.
Should we go to bed early to get up early for work, or sleep in and go to sleep after work.

So we adapt our lives as we adapt to the surprises on Mars. The first of
which, how to get TEGA a full oven of "Martian Mud," has been realized.
The human, as well as technical challenges, are over come day by day and sol by sol
as the team really lives between 2 worlds.