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Ice is Nice!!!!

by Patrick Woida

June 20, 2008 -
Well, after weeks of talking about "white stuff," we're finally ready to call the "unknown white substance that we are guardedly optimistic is ice but could be salt"  ICE, and it could not be much else.

Some folks have taped "let's rasp (drill) the white stuff now" signs to their backs!

Of course, we really need to get this stuff into the TEGA to be sure, but I for one am happier to say it's ice.

So many rolling eyes at "... well it looks like ice, it acts like ice, it's hard
like ice, it's in the right place for it to be ice, so it might be ......"

Being scientists ands engineers, we want to be accurate and not mislead folks.
Seeing our "ice cubes" on one sol, gone on another, pretty much made it clear.
Now we can be confident we've found what we're looking for is really a great day for Phoenix and her team.