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No Rest for the Phoenix

by Patrick Woida

July 03, 2008 -
Well the good news is the Phoenix Team is going to "stand down" for July 3rd & 4th. The Phoenix herself will still be hard at work on the surface of Mars beaming more images back to Earth. There will be a few of us in to be sure she's all right, and I'll be looking in on the new pictures (come on, where else would I be).

It's nice a few of us coming in can give this hard working team a couple days off after more than a month on Mars (and Mars time). Yesterday I went full circle and started at 4 pm as I did on landing day, so one trip around the clock so far.

I'm not at all bummed out to be working the first Phoenix holiday, when the mission is entrusted to a handful of people, to be one of them is quite a compliment from my superiors.

So don't worry, we'll still be getting new pictures out to you for the 4th of July weekend!

Have a Happy Fourth!!!