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On a roll ...


July 09, 2008 -
The Tucson PSIP team came to the SOC an hour early today so we could be interviewed by the local news station. It was a bit nerve-wracking to have the camera pointed straight at us, but everyone told us we did great. After completing our interview, the Kickoff meeting began. The acronyms are becoming more familiar each day, and the the meetings a little more comprehendible. After the meeting we went to our PSIP spot where the Tucson team got their new assignment to help with spectral analysis. As we began talking to the scientist, Selby, we got really excited as her enthusiasm for the subject was very catching. Meanwhile, the Dallas team met with the Atmospheric Sciences group to learn more about their research and then came back to work on cataloging images of trenches from the Phoenix landing site.

After working on our individual projects for a bit, we went to the end-of-sol science meeting. It was quite interesting to see the scientific process in action. As one of the scientists presented his ideas, some would question his conclusions, and suggest other explanations for the data. Science is definitely about exploration and discovery! After a long day of hard work, we were all grateful to head home and go to sleep.

Hasta maƱana,

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Lake Highlands High School
(Dallas, TX) and Empire High School (Tucson, AZ)

The Tucson, AZ team works with graduate student, Selby.