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Sol 045 - The Glass is 1/2 full

by Patrick Woida

July 10, 2008 -
Well here we are, halfway through the primary 90 sol Mars Mission.

This week, I myself am a pilgrim in an unholy land :-)  I am transitioning from first shift downlink to the second shift strategic uplink work, helping plan and clean up the plans for tomorrow and more sols ahead.  As we start to lose the sun and temperatures drop at the end of the Martian summer, power will become very precious. I am trying to expand my duties to be more helpful to our team. I'll be back for my beloved downlink shifts, but there is room for new challenges and roles I and others are exploring after the first 30 sols.

These are the golden times of the mission, people are jamming all that is possible into each plan for we are all aware of the leaner times ahead.