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Another night (or is it day?) on Mars


July 11, 2008 -
Hola Niños! Today our teams were treated to a grand Mexican supper at El Charro Café. Perhaps, it would be better labeled as a feast. Matt ordered the USA Today Chimichanga, which was literally the length and width of a Sunday newspaper. Real talk. Yum.

So, at the Science Operations Center both teams continued to work on Selby's CRISM analysis.  What amazes me is how we can wirelessly connect to and utilize a specific computer a thousand miles away.  None of this could really be possible without our current state of technology.

During the "end-of-sol" science meeting, there was a presentation of a comparison of a certain trench lapsed over several weeks.  I might not have understood all of the technical details, but what I do realize is how all these scientists use a complex machine with different techniques (like our human bodies with its various senses) to ultimately reach the same goal: understanding a red rock 250 million miles away.

Good night,

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Lake Highlands High School (Dallas, TX) and Empire High School (Tucson, AZ)

Matt, of Dallas, TX, gets ready to tackle the USA Today chimichanga at El Charro Cafe.