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Passing the torch


July 12, 2008 -
Passing the torch.

Today was rather bittersweet. It was our last turn coming into the SOC. It was sad because we had just gotten into the swing of things here, and it was slightly joyous, as we are going to return back to our normal sleeping schedules. However, this week has been amazing and we have learned so much.

We came in today and the Tucson team worked a bit more on their movie, and the Dallas team worked on Selby's CRISM analysis. We went to go take some final team pictures when the Tucson team discovered a small, mechanized Phoenix Lander exhibit that actually picked up the soil and delivered it to various instruments on board. After fiddling around with that for a bit, scientist John Hoffman invited us to a presentation on why they were investigating isotopes on Mars.

When we returned to the workspace, the Tucson team worked on Selby's CRISM, with some help from the Dallas team. Then the Dallas team left, as they have to get up at 10 AM (oh so early!) so they can make it to the airport on time tomorrow. They gave up their badges with great reluctance.

After the Dallas team was gone, the Tucson team worked a bit more, and then decided it was time to experiment with chairs, wheels, and physics. After an excessively good time we worked a bit more, and then left the building with great sadness. We all loved what time we have spent here at the SOC and wish much luck to this week's PSIP teams that will start their work here on Sunday.

Signing off,

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Lake Highlands High School (Dallas, TX) and Empire High School (Tucson, AZ)

Both teams pose in front of the Payload Interoperability Testbed (PIT).