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Data Analysis


July 16, 2008 -
Today we all continued our analysis work. It's such a cool thing to help the science team by doing work that they would do themselves if they weren't so busy with the massive amounts of data coming down each day. Although it is complicated work, it's very enjoyable to offer something to the team.  And after you get used to the sleep cycle, this is really fun!

Soon (probably tomorrow) we'll begin working on presentations to summarize what we've been doing to present to the rest of the scientists (our scientist mentors already know, of course). We have also started hoarding snacks in the student intern room to keep ourselves awake if absolutely necessary.

After spending 7 hours in meetings and in front of our computer screens, it's time to leave and get some much needed rest!

Good night/morning!

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Camden Fairview High School in Camden, AR, City High School in Iowa City, IA, and NW Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy in Erie, PA

PSIP Facilitator, Jim, works with Billy, of the Erie, PA team.