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Stage Fright


July 17, 2008 -
We're starting to work on our presentations about the work we've done this week. All of the software we have been using has been very helpful but, as our presentations draw near, we are wrapping up our data processing and shifting our focus to the PowerPoints for our presentations to the scientists. It's a little scary having to go and present in front of experts who know so much, especially since we're not completely sure we haven't overlooked something or made a mistake or if what we're presenting is even right. But real science doesn't always provide clear-cut answers anyway... there's no "textbook" to follow when you're exploring Mars!

Next sol is our last "on Mars"... we're all grateful for this opportunity, despite the lack of sleep this week!

Good night/morning,

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Camden Fairview High School (Camden, AR), City High School (Iowa City, IA), and NW Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy (Erie, PA)

The teams hard at work at the Science Operations Center.