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July 26, 2008 -
Today we went for our last day at the SOC. The Anthem team was excited because the image of the "Dodo Goldilocks" trench we had planned had been acquired and came in through the downlink. It turned out to be an amazing image! The San Diego team started to take our arm apart to ship it back to California.  We will put it back together when we get back to our school and will use it when we give public presentations.

We took some final pictures with scientists and thanked them one last time. We all have had a great time this past week, and were so thankful to have the opportunity to be involved with the mission, to meet the scientists, and to get to know each other.  Thanks to all PSIP coordinators and scientists for creating this program, and letting us be so involved firsthand!

Over and out,

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Boulder Creek High School (Anthem, AZ) and SciTech High School (San Diego, CA)

The Anthem and San Diego PSIP teams with the Phoenix Lander model.