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Another Trip Around the Clock

by Patrick Woida

August 01, 2008 -
Those of us living on Mars Time have two fewer days on Mars than have passed on Earth. This week we had expected to sync up and stay on Earth Time. All part of a plan as things would wind down and people would distribute. As is obvious, we're doing anything but winding down. The hard evidence of water ice, continued successful operations, a new Happily Ever After Pan, more ovens and wet chem cells to fill, all with an awesome team that keeps cranking out Sol after Sol of great activities. Victim of our own success, we now march along with Mars for another cycle around the clock. We also now are looking forward to an extended mission. That's great for many. Personally if I had my way, I'd be here until they turn out the lights and pack up the furniture.

Many who planned to head home will now be sticking around, at least for a few extra weeks. So looks like there still more things to discover on Mars, a little less sleep to be had, and few more blogs to write.