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Practice makes perfect?


August 01, 2008 -
Today was our last day and we had a wonderful late start. We did not have to be at the SOC until 11 a.m. and we have to say that the few extra hours of sleep were great! While at the SOC today the Cleveland, TX, team prepped for our presentation of our project for an excruciating five hours. During the end-of-sol science meeting at 3:00, we presented our briefing to the science team with much trembling of voice and knee. But overall things went very well and we had a great reception from the science team. Over the past week we've experienced a lot of great and wonderful things. This was an experience none of us will ever forget!

The Mountain View team also spent the early part of the day practicing and perfecting our presentation to the scientists. In the end, our presentation went really well and we got the scientists thinking about our experiment. We presented our recommendation, based on our experiments in the lab, that they try to take even closer images of the rasped soil samples to look for visible evidence of ice. We also viewed the final version of the podcast we made yesterday that is posted at http://robotics.nasa.gov.

Regretfully, we left the SOC today. We wish luck to the remaining two PSIP teams, and hope they enjoy everything as much as we have.

Off to Neverland (trench).

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Cleveland High School (Cleveland, TX), Mountain View High School (Mountain View, CA) and Village Academy High School (Pomona, CA)

Students present the results of their work and experiments to the mission scientists.