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What a ride! A year since launch

by Patrick Woida

August 05, 2008 -
Well it's been a year since launch and here we are running full speed on  Mars a year later. What a ride it's been. The thrill of launch, the training and readiness tests, a true operations for months on the  Martian surface. Some days it feels like that last year has been longer than the previous 3!  It feels good to be able to have kept the promises of  the last year to you all. If there's one word to describe this mission, it would be "SUCCESS "

So to wrap up this year anniversary, Rigel & I are heading back to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas this week. We're giving a presentation on Thursday morning on Phoenix. It was good to meet some of you readers last year. The Star Trek Community had treated us with such warmth and regard, it's wonderful to be able to go back and share the excitement with everyone. Always a very receptive crowd. Bring imagination into reality is what I live for.

It's also the first break we've had in a year. You may recall I was one of the 4 people on duty while the rest of the team had a break for July 3rd & 4th. So time for a little rest, hopefully coming back to "Earth Time" sync up. Of course Phoenix is probably more tired than me right now, she's in the middle of a 35-hour day, and no one wants to let her sleep :-)

We'll both get a break this week. Say hello if you're in Vegas this week.