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The Talk of the SOC


August 07, 2008 -
Today's adventure found us at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) headquarters.  Graduate students working in Tucson presented their summer's work, which was followed by a tour of the facility where we met more astronomers and graduate students, as well as seeing the incredible machines involved with astronomy. It's amazing how many connections you can make by being part of program such as PSIP! At NOAO, we met people who were very helpful informing us of all the opportunities we can be part of just like PSIP.  After our exciting tour, we headed over to SOC for the day's kickoff. The highlight of our day came when our mentor, Sam Kounaves, gave us our very own presentation about his work so far on landed operations. He taught us about all the data that MECA has been sending back to Earth since the landing. We also got to learn how they had analyzed their data--pretty neat stuff!

We spent time today finishing our context image work as well as starting our PowerPoint presentation for the scientists at the end of sol meeting tomorrow.  This is our big chance to shine and show all of these experts what we're made of, so a lot of work and anticipation fills our time. And tomorrow is our last day here. :(  Our week is almost to an end, but our memories are going to be with us forever. Hello... we're making history with MARS!

One sol to go...

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Medford High School (Medford, MA) and Belmont High School (Belmont, NH)

Team picture in front of a model of the Phoenix Lander