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PSIP has left the building...


August 08, 2008 -
Today was our last day in the Science Operation Center--and also the last day of Phoenix Student Interns at the SOC!  We started our day with a group breakfast, then headed off to the Tucson Art Gallery, which we loved! The photography was amazing.

We came in to the SOC around 4:00 pm, in time for kickoff. We spent the majority of our day working on our end presentation, an ordeal that began yesterday. After many hours of debating which pictures should be included, what info to put in, and a few run throughs, we finally delivered our presentation around 7:45 pm to the group of scientists. It was so nerve racking for us presenting in front of everyone!

The whole presentation went very well with no problems or flubs anywhere to be seen--it was such a great experience and everyone really appreciated it. One of the scientists actually was interested in one of the future proposals we had and he wants us to research it more and is taking it seriously! It is such a bittersweet ending because we got to finally present our presentation at the end of Sol. Humor snuck its way into our work as we played a friendly gag on our amazing mentor, Dr. Kounaves. His shocking resemblance to Obi-Wan Kenobi took his colleagues by surprise and got a few laughs. 

This has been such an amazing week of our lives. We have met so many wonderful people and learned so much. This is going to be part of our lives forever. No matter where we go, this amazing adventure can only help us succeed and contribute to the world.  We are so thankful for everyone who was part of it, especially our mentors (Dr. Suzanne Young and Dr. Sam Kounaves), their graduate students and staff (Trish, Rachel, Shannon, Kalina, Po, and Jason, among others) and our teachers. Its been amazing meeting such fun people, we have bonded so much! It's so sad, but always remember the MA and NH PSIP teams! :)

Over and out,

Your friendly neighborhood PSIP teams from Medford High School (Medford, MA) and Belmont High School (Belmont, NH)... and the rest of the Phoenix Student Interns!

The MA and NH PSIP students present to the Phoenix science team.