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Frosty Devils

by Patrick Woida

September 10, 2008 -
The Winds of Change continue to sweep across the landscape. Today we found dust devils (small cyclones) in our Sol 104 images. This is part of the "Happy Ever After" high resolution pan. We already have our regular complete 3-color "Mission Success" Peter Pan done. While we are still in operations, we are making a new high-resolution 15 filter pan. Today she yielded an unexpected bonus.
We are taking advantage the extra opportunities the extended mission provides. After all, we spent $400 million to establish a research base in the arctic of Mars, we will keep pushing the Phoenix to squeeze every drop of science we can until she can function no more! We had hoped to see Dust Devils during prime mission. The weather was too mild. It was never a requirement, but we thought it possible. Now that the mission is in Sol 105, well past the 90 sol prime mission, Mars is rewarding us for our patience by providing a new treat for our atmospheres team. Check through the website for movies of clouds and watch for more dust devil movies in the near future.