Life Resources

Could Life Survive? - Lessons

Elementary School Activity
Planets in a Bottle - Life on the Edge
Life on the Edge is an educational program that aims to expose grade school students to some of the basic principles of astrobiology and to explore the possibilities for life elsewhere in the Solar System. Students can begin to explore conditions on other planets with simple variations to the basic recipe.
Upper Elementary - Middle School Activities
Astrobiology presents young thinkers with some intriguing questions about the universe and gives them the opportunity to explore topics related to the search for life beyond their own planet using some of the same strategies that astrobiolgists use.
Upper Elementary - High School Activities
Life on Earth and Elsewhere?
The hands-on activities in this resource guide lay the conceptual groundwork for understanding questions fundamental to the field of astrobiology. They enable students to examine the nature of life, what it requires, its limits, and where it might be found.
Middle School Activity
Are There Habitable Worlds Elsewhere?
Extreme Life Card Game
In this activity students explore how extreme life on Earth may serve as models for life elsewhere. They play a matching card game that helps them establish a link between extreme life on Earth to its Earth habitat and then to a possible habitat elsewhere in the solar system.
Research Activities
Habitable Worlds
Search the Solar System for Signs of Life

Search for and design a habitable planet.

Alien Safari
Discover some of the most extreme organisms on our planet, and find out what they are telling astrobiologists about the search for life beyond Earth.

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