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Branley, Franklyn. Is There Life Out There? HarperCollins Publishers, 1999 ISBN: 0064451925

Donald, Rhonda Lucas. Life on Other Planets. Franklin Watts, 2004 ISBN: 0531163741

Web Sites

ABC Online News in Science
Find out more about Antarctic microbes and their chances for living on Mars.

Astrobiologists To Hunt Small Game in Siberia
Arctic permafrost may hold clues to life on other worlds.

Divining Water on Europa
Circumstantial evidence for water on Europa mounts as JPL scientists try an ingenious experiment to find hexagonal water-ice crystals on the frigid surface of Jupiter's iciest moon.

A Mid-Summer's Microbe Hunt
A team of explorers, including astrobiologist Richard Hoover and astronauts Jim Lovell and Owen Garriott, traveled to Antarctica in January 2000 to search for extreme-loving microbes.

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