Phoenix Student Interns Program

The application is now closed

NASA is committed to helping develop and inspire the next generation of explorers, scientists, engineers, and researchers. Now NASA wants to involve YOU in the excitement of Mars exploration and discovery! The Phoenix Student Interns Program (PSIP) is a unique opportunity to become part of the Phoenix Science Team for the 2007-2008 Phoenix Mars Lander Mission. From around the country, selected teachers and their chosen students will work with scientists to prepare for surface operations on Mars, analyze data during the mission, and reach out to other students, teachers, and the public through presentations, articles, and web sites. Following months of preparation and special training, teachers and students will spend one week at the Science Operations Center in Tucson, AZ during landed operations to help investigate the surface of Mars. It could be you!

Remember: The most important requirements are enthusiam, excitement, and dedication!

Please download the following four sections:

   Program Information
     Section 1: Requirements
     Section 2: Mentor Descriptions

   Forms for Submission:
     Section 3: Signature Form
     Section 4: Application Form

Please read the requirements for participation and mentor descriptions carefully. All applicants must print, fill out and mail in the signature form (Section 3). The application form (Section 4) may be submitted either via the online form (preferred) or by mailing a hard copy.

Although this program is designed for high school science teachers, other high school teachers or informal educators who will work with high school students may apply. If you are not a science teacher, please be clear about how you will support the science objectives of the program and how you will be able to apply what you learn in the program to the education of greater numbers of students and the community.

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact Cassie Bowman at or 650-269-2787.

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