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Mars Comes Alive With Images and Music at Cal Poly Kennedy Library

Nov 7, 2008 - Jan 12, 2009 - Experience another world in a unique and engaging way with “Mars
Within Reach: Arctic Melodies and Science from the Red Planet,” an
interactive exhibit scheduled at Cal Poly. The free and public exhibit
is scheduled to run Nov. 7 through Jan. 12 in the Kennedy Library
Gallery at the Commons.

exhibit will allow visitors to touch, hear, and interact with data from
several recent Mars missions. It blends planetary science, engineering,
and music to demonstrate scholarship related to the exploration of the
Martian Arctic, with special attention to making the content accessible
to persons with visual impairments.

Visitors will
explore Martian volcanoes, valleys, and craters using tactile models,
and will be able to touch rock samples that have been drilled into by a
rock abrasion tool identical to those found on the arms of the Mars
Rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

In addition, the
exhibit will feature an interactive display that allows visitors to
hear data from Mars through a process know as sonification, a musical
composition created by coding data from the Mars Odyssey spacecraft
from water ice and dry ice in the arctic regions of the planet.

More Info Here.