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Mars! at the Arizona Museum of Natural History

Nov 4, 2008 -Nov 15, 2009 - On November 8 the Arizona Museum of Natural
History unveils an exciting new exhibition based
upon the spectacular new discoveries about the red
planet, Mars.

Discover in the exhibition Mars!:

  • Full size Mars Rover (temporary loan)

  • Quarter scale Mars Lander

  • Dune machine: how are dunes created on Mars?

  • Mars scale: see what you weigh on the red

  • Dust devil generator: form and
    characteristics of Martian dust devils.

  • Pole reversal demonstration.

  • Working model of rifting.

  • Sediment/deposition table: searching for
    water flow on Mars.

  • The Face on Mars and other myths: was there
    an advanced civilization?
More Info Here.