Michael Gross

Payload Manager,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Mike Gross

Mike graduated from the California State University, Northridge, in 1996 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is currently working on his Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Mike began his career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 1994, and has worked on several Deep Space and Earth Observing Missions. He started his career as an Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Engineer working on the Cassini Spacecraft. Later he became the Environmental and Relibility Engineer on the X2000 Avionics and Power System development in concert with the same role on the Europa Orbiter Mission to Jupiter. Mike left these duties on X2000 and the Europa Mission to become the Environmental and Reliability Engineer for the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE). After a few years in this role, he became the acting GRACE Mission Assurance Manager (while maintaining his former duties) and acted in this capacity through the launch of the twin GRACE satellites in March of 2002 from Plesetsk, Russia.

For his efforts on GRACE, Mike was awarded the NASA Exceptional Service Medal in 2003. After GRACE, he began work as the Mission Assurance Manger and Integration and Test Manager for the Disturbance Reduction System (DRS), a LISA Project technology demonstration flying on the European Space Agency SMART-2 Spacecraft. During the DRS Project, Mike was reassigned to the role of Deputy Mission Assurance Manager for the Mars Exploration Rovers (MER). His duties on MER focused on the rovers Assembly, Test and Launch Operations (ATLO) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida. Mike joined the Phoenix Project in October 2003 as the Payload Manager, soon after his return from Florida.

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