Andy Kerr

MET Project Manager,

Andy Kerr

Andrew Kerr graduated from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering in 1977.

Andrew Kerr started his career with Philco-Ford in engineering responsible for the production of automobile radios and digital displays. Andrew advanced to run the automated test equipment group for use in high volume production.

Andrew Kerr continues to be employed at MDRobotics (formerly Spar Aerospace Ltd) since 1980. Andrew started his career as a project engineer working on the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS) working in the development and testing of systems. This was the National Research Council of Canada contribution to the Space Shuttle program. Andrew has received National Research Council of Canada award for the contribution, support and success of the SRMS DDT&E.

Andrew continued to support the SRMS program through production and testing of the SRMS systems for NASA JSC. After the Shuttle Challenger accident, Andrew supported the investigations followed by the redesign and requalification of the lost hardware and hardware upgrades.

Andrew advanced to work at MDRobotics as a Program Manager and Technical Lead for the JEM (Japanese Experiment Module) program as part of the JAXA (formerly NASDA) contribution to the International Space Station. MDRobotics provided major hardware elements for the JEM Remote Manipulator System.

Subsequently, Andrew managed the continued development of the Robotic Work Station used in the control of the Canadian Space Agency's Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS). The RWS was developed for NASA JSC.

Andrew's introduction to the red planet was management of the MDRobotics prototype development of an in-situ processing lab for Mars Exploration. Andrew then progressed to manage the current Phoenix METeorological Station development under the contract to the Canadian Space Agency.

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