"The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side."


Changes in Altitudes is a Balloon Satellite program for 5th - 12th grade teachers and students with the goal of establishing a small weather balloon satellite program at each participating school. Ten teams launched balloon satellites on November 3, 2007 and the payloads reached 89,507 ft. Participating student teams were from these schools: Mingus Union High School, Gila Crossing Community School, DeMiguel Elementary School, Camp Verde High School, Flagstaff Middle School, Cottonwood Middle School, Canyon Ridge Elementary School, Shiprock Alternative School, Granite Mountain Middle School and Sage Elementary School.

The BalloonSat program is a partnership between the Arizona Space Grant Consortium and the Phoenix Mars mission's E/PO program that engages underserved and underrepresented Arizona students in near space research. Teams of four students and one teacher collaborate with members of Arizona Near Space Research (ANSR) to build small robotic payloads, launch them on high-altitude balloons, recover them, and analyze the data. Payloads measure changes in temperature, air pressure, and humidity. Small cameras included in the payload captured images of the curvature of the Earth. The next launch is scheduled for April 2008.

Students holding one of several payload instruments flown on the balloon.
Launch Group
Balloon launch at Mingus Union High School.

Photo taken from a student payload camera soon after launch (near 10,000 ft. above the Earth).
Photo taken from a student payload camera in the upper atmosphere (near 100,000 ft. above the Earth). The small white dot on the top of the photo is the crescent Moon from 2/10/07.