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Coloring Sheets

Need a little inspiration to start your Mars artwork? We have coloring sheets for several Mars missions (including Phoenix!).

Mars Coloring and Activity Pages

PhoenixPhoenix Mars Mission: Phoenix will land on Mars in May 2008 in order to study the history of water at its landing site. The coloring packet includes five different Phoenix images to color. More

HiRISEHigh Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE): The HiRISE packet not only contain coloring sheet but puzzles, mazes and crosswords as well. More

MROMars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO): This single sheet is packed full of facts about Mars and MRO. It also has four pictures to color and a wordsearch. More

MERMars Exploration Rover (MER): It's your chance to color one of the twin rovers, Spirt and Opportunity, currently exploring Mars. More

OlympusOlympus Mons: Olympus Mons is the largest of all the known volcanoes in the solar system. It is located on Mars and is roughly three times the elevation of Mount Everest on Earth. More