"For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me."

Mission to Mars

by Savannah

School: Pistor Middle School
Date: 5/17/07
Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. Forest

The Phoenix Lander landed on Mars and started to take pictures and in one there appeared to be a town. The Lander went to explore the town and took more pictures and...all of a sudden someone or something popped up! When the pictures were sent back to earth they thought it was a human but humans could never survive there, because of the conditions.

Luckily the Phoenix Lander had a recorder! They turned it on and the new species started to talk. It apparently had a name. Her name was Valerie. Valerie said that she was cloned 1,000 times and had been brought there from Earth. Valerie started to walk and made the Phoenix Lander follow her.

When they got the full view of the town there appeared to be 1,000 clones of Valerie but in different colors! Each of the Valerie's told the same story; they were cloned and sent there from Earth. Back at the station we were all astonished that we found life on Mars. They ate human food, talked like a human, practically did everything like a human. I guess this answers every ones question about if there will be life on Mars... The answer is yes!

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