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Phoenix Mars Lander

by Steveb

School: Sierra Middle School
Date: 5/18/07
Sponsoring Teacher:

Phoenix Mars Control to the White House: please awaken the President. This is an urgent message from NASA. President Bush this is Steven Beck from the University of Arizona. I must inform you that the launching has been a great success.

We are currently looking at some excellent footage of the red planet mars. We can see the red soil on the ground and WOW there is a lake like whole in the ground where're moving the machine to check it out. Were about one hundred yards away we can see what looks like a little stream of water. This must be the best footage we've ever gotten.

Oh my god what happened there seems to be some technical difficulties!! President Bush the screens on the monitors have just gone snowy. We are reviewing the footage before it had went out President. There seems to be a rocky flying strait at the Phoenix Lander. This could be a problem. Wait we're back we are seeing dome water come out of the ground.

We lost the connection again! Sir we do not know what's happening on this mission. Right now all we know is that we found some water after a rock made a whole in the ground. Wait Wait we're back on the Phoenix Lander is taking some pictures of it and an sample of the water. Wait in the back round we see a volcano like hill. Send the lander over there. It is a volcano and its huge. This volcano is probably a non-active one.

So the mission is over hurray!! Another successful mission. On this mission we found a little stream of water and a non-active volcano Mr. President. We'd hope to do another mission soon to see if there could be any living organism on the red planet mars. This must have been one of the most successful mission next to landing on the moon in 1969.

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