"For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me."

Mr. President this is the greatest discovery in U.S. history!

by Carlos

School: Sierra Middle School
Date: 5/15/07
Sponsoring Teacher: Mrs. Muniz

On a small dark and desolate planet in the far reaches of our galaxy called Mars, something amazing happened that shocked the entire world and the way we look at ourselves in this universe. On May 18, 2008 at exactly 3:37 a.m. the President was awakened from his slumber by NASA and their amazing new discovery. He picked up the phone groggily and what he heard almost made his heart stop. From the phones earpiece came the voice of the commander from NASA.


A NASA rover on the blood red surface of Mars had been sending the readings and information from the alien planet as planned. That was until the transmission was cut and the NASA workers started to panic. That was when video feedback began to explode on their screens. It seemed as if another camera had been attached to the rover so the video was more crisp and clean. The rover began to pick up traces of other movements on the barren landscape.

Things began to fill the screen, as if it were a science fiction movie except that this was real life. The scientists stared transfixed at the screen not able to avert their gaze. Small tentacled creatures began to surround the rover. They resembled small armadillos with green shells and red eyes. Tentacles grew out of their backs and their crab like legs and claws extended from beneath their shells.

In addition to the upgraded video feed, sound had also been added. The scientists could hear a strange sound that sounded like the combination of chirps and the buzzing of bee's wings. This new and foreign language began to fill the air and the scientists could only stand and watch as the small alien locals decided what to do with this obstruction that invaded their land.

After about five minutes of moving around and making their bizarre chirps the creatures dug deep into the planet and popped up underneath the rover. Though only about seven inches tall and five inches long these armadillo like beings were quite strong and in an instant were carrying the rover to a destination that was momentarily unknown. The landscape began to drastically change as the rover was carried over miles of red dust. Great mounds of yellow rock began to start growing out of the ground. These resembled shiny yellow termite mounds that are found in Africa. If only mission control could do something. But all they could do was watch as their millions of dollars worth of research was carried away somewhere.

By this time the President was wide awake and making about three phone calls a minute. CNN, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel were some of the first to receive this shocking headline news of the year. The President was able to get a web-cam hooked up so he could see all the alienated action. The world was on pins and needles as breaking news began to take up every channel on TV; even the music channels were interrupted so people could behold this scientific discovery.

Meanwhile back on the red planet the rover was still being held captive at the mercy of the newly named Armadillonoids. Twenty long minutes had passed and the scientists couldn't hold their breath much longer. That was until they realized that the invisible Armadillonoid trail began to slope downward toward a large hole in the ground, which they entered. Upon entering the burrow the air samples began to read a hint of carbon dioxide and oxygen. The little creature's shells began to glow a bright and neon green. The light turned their shells translucent and you could see the organs pumping purple fluid throughout the tiny bodies.

The scientists didn't need to hold their breath any longer because what they saw took every bit away from their lungs. In an immense chamber with about a 100 foot ceiling was a great lake that was so immense the scientists couldn't believer their eyes. It was looking onto a sea of light turquoise water with interesting plants growing along the banks. But this sight was only temporary for a wall of red rock cut off the view. At last they stopped and an Armadillonoid about ten times larger that the rest rose out from beneath a rock. This was believed to be the queen.

She rose to a height of about six feet and stared at the machine. The transmission didn't last long after that for the queen Armadillonoid crawled over to the rover and punctured its wires with one of her many legs. But although the video was cut, the sound kept feeding through the NASA speakers. They heard a long bellow and a chorus of small chirping buzzes and then a sound that sounded like the sickening crunch and squish of an unfortunate road kill victim. The transmission was cut; this time for good. The scientists never found out what powered the new camera or what happened to the unlucky rover, but a new launch to Mars is scheduled for the year 2016 and this time the cargo that is carried will hold humans.

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