"For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me."

Going to Mars

by Jailine

School: Apollo Middle School
Date: 5/14/07
Sponsoring Teacher: Ms. Lyons

Maybe if we do take the risk of going to Mars there could be a virus that could put human life into a dangerous situation.. What people might be trying to do is to transfer all the people from earth to another planet because there is too much pollution that is splitting the earth in two pieces. Part of the problem is that many people are afraid of an infection that could be in the atmosphere of Mars. There might not be any oxygen so the human creation can't breath.

What I personally think is that we should just forget about transferring human life to other planets and work to keep our Earth cleaner so human life can be better on this planet. I think that if earth is in danger of being destroyed children would think more about the future.

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