"Music is the art of thinking with sounds."

GEAR UP Mars Music

To celebrate the Spring 2008 landing of the Phoenix Mars Mission, the Tucson GEAR UP Project organized a songwriting contest that was literally out of this world! Eighth graders from Apollo, Challenger, Chaparral, Hohokam, Lauffer, Mansfeld, Maxwell, Pistor, Roskruge, Safford, Sierra, Valencia, Utterback, and Wakefield Middle Schools were invited to choose their favorite music style and write songs about Mars. Entries were judged on originality, hook, lyrics, and flow. In addition to attending a recording session at the University of Arizona, the winners and a family member also spent a weekend in Puerto Penasco, Mexico learning more about the relationship between the planets and the ocean.

Track List

1. Track 1 by Alex
2. Show Me Proof by Bailey
3. Trip 2 Mars! by Britney
4. Landing on Mars by Clarissa
5. Mission to Mars by Esgardo
6. Track 6 by Itzayana
7. Track 7 by Jesus
8. Hey There Mars by Jisselle
9. Mars by Keyerah
10. El Suelo Del Color De Marte by Lesly
11. Mars Song by Michael
12. Mission to Mars by Nicolas
13. Mars Song by Viviana
14. Track 14 by Wesley

Download All the Tracks

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