"For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me."

The Future Within

by Lucas

Chapter 1: the Antarctic trek
The time was 6:00 p.m. Salzar Venus was drawing out plans for his trek in Antarctica. He had two friends (Posiedon and Deimos) to go with him. The jet took off and began its 27 hour journey to Antarctica. When he landed, he rented a delta and a mobile base to explore. When he got to a good place, he released an artic rover to collect rare samples of Martian rocks which fell on Earth. He also sent another rover to look for signs of global warming. Then Salzar Venus had a hot meal and went to bed. The next morning, Salzar Venus looked at a message from one of the rovers. It discovered a hole in the ozone layer. Salzar Venus went to the location. He put a small robotic research lab at the location. The temperature was freezing!!! So he decided to go back to base. But he couldn't find the town. Suddenly, the rover appeared and the rover opened up to reveal lots of mars crystal samples. So he took the rover in. 1 hour later, the other rover returned. The rover put a message in the navigation system. It was a map to town. Salzar Venus followed the map back into town where his airplane sat. He flew back to the USA.

Chapter 2: the Mission to the Moon
It was a bright sunny spring day. Salzar Venus was going to the moon after school. Salzar Venus looked at the time. Omigosh! I'm late for school! Salzar Venus got dressed, ate a quick breakfast and hopped into his car. He dropped his brothers and sisters off and got to the highschool. "Hi Salzar!" said his best friend Clare. "Hi Clare!" said Salzar Venus. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!" said a group of boys. "Mind your own darn business!!!" says the hall monitor. "Salzar loves Clare! Salzar loves Clare!" The hall monitor chased the boys angrilsy. The boys run away shrieking "Salzar and Clare up in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, second comes marriage, third comes the baby in a gold carriage!!" Salzar Venus enters the school. "Good morning Salzar and Clare! Please have a seat" greets Salzar Venus' history teacher, Mr. Humphery. Today we will be studying... ancient Egypt! After school, he saw a bus with the NASA logo on it. Salzar Venus climbed on the bus. The Kennedy Space Center was 3000 miles away so the bus had a bed. One day later, Salzar Venus reached the Kennedy Space Center. Salzar Venus went into the ship. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-ignition and lift off! We have lift off and all systems are on the go. The rocket roared into space. 3 days later, Salzar Venus landed on the moon. Salzar Venus spotted the moon buggy and hopped on. After days of traveling, Salzar Venus drove back to the spacecraft. But Salzar Venus can't start it. He tried 50 times but it still wouldn't start. Salzar Venus got his toolbox out and fixed the ship. He started up the rocket and this time, the rocket roared into the void.

Chapter 3: the Deep Sea Menance
It was a hot summer day. Salzar Venus was sitting by his pool, watching his 4 brothers and sisters swim in his pool. He went inside and made a pitcher of lemonade. "Who wants pink lemonade?" "Me me" shouted his brothers and sisters. They all drank. Then one of Salzar Venus' kitties, cookiedough, walked near his legs. "Kitty!" said Salzar Venus. Salzar Venus went in. "Lets see what's on TV" said Salzar Venus. "Aww man", said Salzar Venus, "not Teletubbies." Salzar Venus changes the channel. "Let's see what's on national geographic" he said. "Ooh, fossil special!" he said. That gave Salzar Venus an idea. He decided to hunt for fossils in the ocean. He packedh is bags and set out for the ocean. He invited 3 friends (Clare, Posiedon and Deimos) to go with him. He hopped on his biggest and fastest ship: The Columbia Sea. He packed 4 sets of scuba gear and started up the Columbia Sea. When he got to a good spot he put on his scuba diving gear and jumped in. He swam into the deep. He could see millions of fish living their everyday lives. He found a sea tunnel and went in. He got out his pickaxe and started mining for fossils. Once he mined all the fossils he could, he set out back to the ocean. But the sea tunnel was too big, he got lost. He went in all directions searching for a way out. Suddenly, a great white shark came charging towards him. He swam as hard as he could. He swam and swam. He found the way out of the cave in time. He hitched a ride on whale shark to the surface. He got back on the Columbia Sea. Salzar Venus sailed back to base.

Chapter 4: the Tornado
During the final days of summer, a storm raged into the state. The TV was talking about a tornado watch. An hour later, the tornado watch turned into a tornado warning. Salzar Venus led his brothers, sisters, and pets into the sub basement. The strongest sister, Caroline, carried the fish tank. The most careful sister, Ginger, carried the venus fly trap. The tornado spun across the land. Salzar Venus had an idea at hat time. He went back up to the surface, went to the mansion airport, got his most reinforced plane: the Tornado Hunter. He takes off. He puts the plane on auto pilot and drove right into the tornado. He released hot air at 500 degrees Celsius. The tornado got hot but did not stop. But just before the tornado striked the mansion, it slowly drifted skyward and dissipated. The sky cleared and the storm was over. It was a relief. It was only a week before school started. The TVs tornado warning shut down. It went back to the show the brothers and sisters were watching. It was once again a beautiful day.

Chapter 5: the Blackbelt
School had just started. Salzar Venus was packing his stuff for karate after school. He dropped off his brothers and sisters, drove to high school. He saw his friends: Clare, Posiedon and Deimos. Clare was wearing a bright sunny dress, Posidon was wearing a sweatshirt and a bandana (like he always does) and Deimos was wearing his prom king crown (from last year) and a tye dye shirt. He walked into school. After school hedrove to karate. He wanted the blackbelt. He did all moves necessary but the karate master would not give him his blackbelt. "I want my blackbelt!!!" said Salzar Venus. "Sorry" said the karate master. "Why?" said Salzar Venus. "I ran out" said the karate master. "Get some more" said Salzar Venus. "Actually my roll of blackbelts have been stolen" said the karate master. "Then I will get them back" said Salzar Venus. That night Salzar Venus saw the ninjas who stole the roll. Venus jumped on them and unmasked them. They were just kids. He examined their katanas carefully. They were toy katanas. He took the roll of blackbelts. The very next day he went to the karate master. He gave Salzar Venus the blackbelt.

Chapter 6: the Crash Land into a Remote Canyon
Salzar Venus was taking his friends, brothers, and sisters on a vacation. Suddenly, the airplane ran out of fuel. He had no choice but to crash land in an unknown canyon. Salzar Venus took out the tent. He set up camp there. They ate fish and any other type of food. A month later, Salzar Venus found the emergency kit. He found a fire work shooter. He fired up a fire work. Within days, two helicopters arrive at the site and drove them back.

Chapter 7: 20 year later
September just began. It was a very peaceful day. Salzar Venus wrote a book about his adventures. It was a very great time. He was inside the Library of Congress. He made the greatest book. He saw a supernova that night. About 900 years later, they built a monument to honor him. 1,000,000,000 years later as the end of the world approaches, he is remembered as the greatest teen ever lived. 49.99 billion years later, as the end of the universe approaches, he is remembered by the evacuated earthlings. An hour before the universe ends, he is the #1 most remembered person in history. Then the universe just ends. But like Salzar Venus says, when the universe ends, a new one is just beginning.

The End