Phoenix Student Interns Program (PSIP) is a unique opportunity to become part of the Phoenix Science Team for the 2007-2008 Phoenix Mars Lander Mission.


From around the country, selected teachers and their chosen students will work with scientists to prepare for surface operations on Mars, analyze data during the mission, and reach out to other students, teachers, and the public through presentations, articles, and web sites. Following months of preparation and special training, teachers and students will spend one week at the Science Operations Center in Tucson, AZ during landed operations to help investigate the surface of Mars. Click here to read blogs posted by PSIP students during their time at the Science Operations Center. PSIP Coordinator: Cassie Bowman
PSIP Teams
Empire High School
  Mentor: Peter Smith (Univ. of Arizona)
  Teacher: Megan Stirler
  Student: Terra & Elizabeth
Tucson, AZ
Boulder Creek High School
  Mentor: Cassie Bowman (Raytheon/NASA ARC) & Sanlyn Buxner (Univ. of Arizona)
  Teacher: Kathy Hill
  Student: Kris & Alexa
Anthem, AZ
University High School
  Mentor: Diana Blaney (JPL)
  Teacher: Juan Diaz-Toledo
  Student: Fletcher & Tomas
Iowa City, IA
Village Academy High School
  Mentor: Deborah Bass & Leslie Tamppari (JPL)
  Teacher: Keith Browning
  Student: Marlene & Daniel
Pomona, CA
SciTech High School
  Mentor: Mike Hecht (JPL)
  Teacher: Jon Karanopoulos
  Student: Patrick & Keith
San Diego, CA
Mountain View High School
  Mentor: Carol Stoker (NASA ARC)
  Teacher: Steve Widmark
  Student: Moiz & Caitlin
Mountain View, CA
Medford High School
  Mentor: Sam Kounaves & Suzanne Young (Tufts Univ)
  Teacher: Mike Wadness
  Student: Terrence & Ngawang
Medford, MA
Belmont High School
  Mentor: Sam Kounaves & Suzanne Young (Tufts Univ)
  Teacher: Tom Morin
  Student: Tim & Ben
Belmont, NH
Northwest Pennsylvania Collegiate Academy and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
  Mentor: Nilton Renno (Univ. of Michigan)
  Teacher: David Hurd
  Student: Jasse & Billy
Erie, PA and Edinboro, PA
Camden Fairview High School
  Mentor: Ray Arvidson (Washington Univ.)
  Teacher: Pam Vaughan
  Student: Katie & Buck
Camden, AR
Cleveland High School
  Mentor: Doug Ming (NASA JSC)
  Teacher: Jim Meyer
  Student: Jay & Nicholas
Cleveland, TX
Lake Highlands High School
  Mentor: John Hoffman (Univ. of Texas)
  Teacher: Ken Taylor
  Student: Matthew & Tony
Dallas, TX
PSIP Facilitators
Marilou Bebak
Tucson, AZ and Anthem, AZ
Jim Berryman-Shafer
Northern CA and San Diego
Christine Gregory
Camden, AR and Iowa City, IA
Emily Haynes
Pomona, CA and Dallas, TX
Howard Lineberger
Medford, MA and Belmont, NH
Karen Stocco
Erie/Edinboro,PA and Cleveland, TX