Dr. John Hoffman, University of Texas, Dallas
What was your first job?
Dr. John Hoffman's first job was at a one-year post-doctorate position after receiving his PhD in Physics and Geology at the University of Minnesota. He also worked at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. studying atmospheric conditions in space.
What got you interested in science?
John's passion for science began early in life. His father, head of the science department at that time, steered John's ambitions toward science where he ultimately chose to study physics.
Who has been a mentor for you and how was that helpful?
John would say one of his most influential mentors in his career was Dr. William Hansen. It was he who invited John to first make a seminar at the University of Texas at Dallas, which is where he works today, and then offered him a job there at the graduate research center.
If you weren't a scientist, what would you be?
John believes he would be doing something in music; he has been playing the clarinet and oboe since college. Currently, he is a member of the Richardson Community Band, the McKinney Community Band and the Plano Clarinet Choir. His favorite composer is either Mozart of Dvorak.