Covered with books from wall to wall and models of his premier glider, Dr. Nilton Renno's office made it clear to Jasse, Billy, and Dr. Hurd of the NW PA team, that he means business in the field of science. However, this fairly accredited associate professor of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences at the University of Michigan said that his passion began in the art of gliding.

At an early age, Dr. Renno would glide along the mountainsides of his homeland, Brazil. He continued his hobby by joining a "boy scout" like gliding club. From there on, Dr. Renno's interest in both atmospheric and space science began to spark. Thus he decided to pursue said field of education in a local college in San Paulo, Brazil.

After finishing college he commenced his first job as a Civil Engineer where he would design and build communication towers. Surprisingly though, Dr. Renno's thirst for knowledge kept thriving. This caused him to search for an institution that would help him prosper. Such institution came to be the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! While there, Dr. Renno met who he says was his mentor in the field of science, Dr. Peter Stone.

Since his graduation, Dr. Renno has become a crucial asset to the world of science. Residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this humbled family man spearheads the meteorological portion of the Phoenix Mars Mission. When asked what profession he would take up aside from being a scientist, he humorously said: "a pilot." And he jokingly added "as a pilot, the older you get the less wanted you are, but as a scientist, the older you get the wiser you are."