140 students, Principal Walker, and staff of the Washington Avenue school in Roselle, New Jersey took part in the signing of a DVD compiled by the Planetary Society that was sent to Mars on the Phoenix Mars Lander.
Image Credit: Ms. LaTia Pope & Mr. Robinson/Roselle Public School

Fourth Graders Celebrate Anniversary Of Their Trip To Mars

When the robotic spacecraft Phoenix descended onto the surface of Mars on May 25, 2008, it carried with it cameras, scientific gadgets and the names of 140 Roselle students.

Phoenix was launched to evaluate the atmosphere, climate, and geology of Mars, but it also contained a DVD of multimedia complied by the Planetary Society. The names of every Planetary Society member were listed on the DVD, as well as the names of students from select schools across the country. 140 Washington School students were among them thanks to Willie Robinson, father of Victoria Robinson, 10, and a Planetary Society member. Now L.V. Moore students, the children recently received a huge autographed poster of the Phoenix crew to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the landing.

L. V Moore Principal Osterhoudt and students photographed holding autographed poster celebrating the one year anniversary of the Phoenix landing.
Image Credit: Ms. LaTia Pope & Mr. Robinson/Roselle Public School