Sol-by-sol Summary

Sol 98  RA trench near “Alice” with SSI documentation; AFM tip break; TECP insertion at “Gandalf” and soil measurements

Sol 97  AFM align tips

Sol 96  TEGA open door 1, pump, and checkout; RA deliver “Golden Goose 2” sample to WCL 3; WCL sol A analysis; Nighttime atmospheric and frost observations

Sol 95  TEGA pump; RA acquire “Golden Goose 2” sample from "Stone Soup" for WCL; OM tip break tool; frost monitoring

Sol 94  RA rasp and groom "Snow White", 16 hole rasp test and deliver test to TEGA cell 0

Sol 93  TEGA short mid temp ramp; RA trench in “Stone Soup” with SSI documentation

Sol 92  TEGA mid temp ramp; RA dump “Golden Goose” sample, load plate test; sunrise and remote sensing.

Sol 91  SSI RA sun occultation experiment; OM/AFM imaging; Remote sensng and continued Stone Soup documentation.

Sol 90  RA acquire “Golden Goose” sample in “Stone Soup” trench for WCL; RAC image “Holy Cow;” Remote sensing of workspace and sky;