Diana Blaney

Co-Investigator, Soil Science, Geological Studies,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Diana Blaney

In 1984, Diana Blaney graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics. She later graduated in 1990 with a PhD in Geology and Geosciences from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Diana Blaney's research interests include the collection and reduction of ground-based infrared radiometry and spectroscopy of Mars and Io, a moon of Jupiter. Her Mars research is focused on surface composition, the evolution of martian weathering products, and the implications of climate evolution. Blaney's research on Io centers on the moon's thermophysical and volcanic properties, as well as frost distribution and heat flow. She is also involved in the development for landed and orbital planetary missions.

For the Phoenix Mission, Blaney will investigate the sulfur and volatile cycles at the landing site and be an active participant in science operations and analyses.

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