The Phoenix Classroom Download activities and materials to facilitate student understanding of fundamental concepts related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

MapMartian Weather & The Canadian Space Agency: Discover weather reports, weather glossary, podcasts and educational resources including a digital coloring book.

RoboticsMarsBots (Grades 3-4): Find lesson plans, activities, multimedia resources, and much more relating to robots and their role in exploring Mars. More

Why Water?Why Water? (Grades 3-8): Why has "following water" guided exploration over time? Learn more about water and its importance for life through lesson plans, activities, and multimedia resources. More

roboticsCould Life Survive on Mars? (Grades 5-12): Digging deep into the Martian soil, Phoenix will look for signs of life and conditions that could support life. Find out more about this exciting venture through lesson plans and interactive activities. More

Buried Water Ice on MarsBuried Water Ice on Mars (Grades 6-10): Find lesson plans, activities, and multimedia resources relating to the exploration of water ice on mars. More

Mars ActivitesMore Mars Activities for the Classroom: NASA, JPL and Arizona State University have partnered to create teacher resources and classroom activities centered around Mars. More

Mars for EducatorsMars Exploration Rover Mission Classroom Materials More