Peter Smith of the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory heads the Phoenix Mission, where hundreds of dedicated individuals from around the world are teaming together to explore the arctic plains of Mars. Peter Smith is supported by talented science, project management and payload management teams with a wealth of experience in Mars exploration.

Science Team
Principal Investigator Peter Smith is supported by a science team with experience in all previous landed Mars missions. The team's scientific background includes experience in hydrology, geology, chemistry, biology, and atmospheric science.

Project Management Team
Phoenix's project management team plans, coordinates, and maintains all aspects of the mission to ensure the mission objectives are achieved.

Payload Management Team
The Phoenix payload is managed at JPL, and with the help of other organizations, is developing the sophisticated scientific payload that will fly on Phoenix.

Spacecraft Team
The spacecraft being built is being designed, assembled, and tested by a dedicated team from Lockheed Martin Space Systems.

Payload Interoperability Testbed Team
The payload interoperability testbed team operates all of Phoenix's instruments together as a unit.