Project Management Team Phoenix's project management team plans, coordinates, and maintains all aspects of the mission to ensure the mission objectives are achieved.

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Team Members
Peter Smith, University of Arizona
Principal Investigator and Project Leadership
Barry Goldstein, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Project Manager
Ed Sedivy, Lockheed Martin
Spacecraft Manager
Ramon dePaula, NASA HQ
Phoenix Program Executive
Bobby Fogel, NASA HQ
Phoenix Program Scientist
Karen McBride, NASA HQ
Mars Scout Program Executive
Chris Shinohara, University of Arizona
Science Operations Center Manager
Carla Bitter, University of Arizona
Education and Public Outreach Manager
Leslie Tamppari, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Project Scientist
Deborah Bass, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Deputy Project Scientist
Joe Guinn, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mission Manager
Gary Parks, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Flight System Manager
Sara Hammond, University of Arizona
Public Affairs Manager